Q: What should I text a girl after getting her number?

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Question: What should I text a girl after getting her number?

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Answer: Your first text message to a girl should create a connection with her.

I’m going to give you 3 tips about what to text her in your first message.

Tip #1: You should keep the message short, fun and playful and text her something that communicates on her emotional level.

You can start the convo by playing off of something when you first met her. It could be something she did or said.

Here’s a text convo example:

If you just met a girl and got her number at a party on Saturday night, you could send her a text the next day and say something like this,

YOU: “Hey, I am going to relax in your spa later…I guess you can come too.”

She mentioned to you at the party that there is a nice spa at the complex where she lives and she invited you to come over soon. You have given her an opening she can relate to and respond back.

HER: “Oh bummer I can’t today. I have to work. Another time?”

She’s not available to see you on Sunday. No problem. Tease her by saying:

YOU: “I thought you had a trust account we could both live on. Looks like I’ll be enjoying the spa without you.”

HER: “Ha, ha. You’ll miss a good back massage.”

She’s playing back. This is a good sign she is interested. Flirt back with:

YOU: “Those delicate hands didn’t look that strong for a good massage. I’ll have to inspect them more closely next time.”

HER: “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

You can accept her invite or play a little hard to get (which is better) and suggest she meet you where you hang out by saying:

YOU: “Can’t tomorrow. Tues I usually stop at Bailey’s coffee house around 5:30 after work. You can join me there and I can check out those strong hands of yours.”

HER: “Ha, ha, sounds great. See you then.”

So remember, Tip #1, you can text her within a few hours, the next day or in a couple of days as long as you keep it short, fun and flirty.

Tip #2: When you send the first text message and she doesn’t reply right away, DO NOT get upset or think the worse. She could be busy. Fun and exciting girls have full lives. So don’t send another text if you don’t hear from her right away.

You can try again later, the next day or the next week. You control what happens.

Tip #3: When that hottie does text you back, you don’t have to respond right away. Wait 10 minutes or so. This shows the girl that you are a busy guy, too, and she must work for your attention. Once you start texting back and forth you can respond back immediately.

These are just a few rules to follow for texting success with girls that will get you going in the right direction.

Remember, the purpose of you texting that cutie you met is to build attraction with flirty messages so she is anxious to see you again on your terms. Stay cool and in control, yet be playful and that will attract her to you like a magnet.

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