Q: What are some opening lines to text a girl I like?

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Question: What are some opening lines to text a girl I like?

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Answer: When you text a girl, you want to be short, fun and flirty. I’m going to give you four examples of opening lines that girls will respond to.

First of all, keep in mind your goal when texting a girl is to create deeper attraction, make an emotional connection and get her thinking about you more. The more she thinks about you the more she will want to be with you.

Opening line #1:

You: “Hey, I got to thinking about you today.”

Her: “Yeah. Why is that?”

You: “I saw this adorable little puppy and it crinkled it’s nose just like you do.”

This opening line works great with girls because most girls, at least the fun ones, will be intrigued about your text message. She is going to feel excited that you were thinking about her. You can bet that she’s going to want to know what it was that reminded you of her.

Opening line #2:

Let’s say you met a hot girl at a party over the weekend and you got her number. You teased her and busted on her about something she did or wore that night. You are going to use this information to start your texting conversation. You decide to text her the next day.

YOU: “Hey, thanks for that inventive rendition of (a Karaoke song she sang at the party, suggesting she did a bad job of singing it). What other talents should I be leery of?”

You flirt with her by teasing her and then give her a question to respond to.

HER: “Ha, ha. Well at least I gave it a shot. Can’t say the same for you :)

She’s laughing and that’s a good sign.

YOU: “I’m not saying you weren’t any good. I would just keep your day job.”

This is a fun way to challenge her or qualify her and women love this.

Opening line #3:

YOU: “Hey, staying out of trouble today?”

HER: “Trouble is my middle name. Didn’t I tell you?”

This girl knows how to flirt back and be playful. She could be a keeper.

YOU: “I thought I saw your face on America’s Most Wanted.” Are you hard to handle?”

Keep playing and give her something flirty to respond to.

Opening line #4:

Let’s say you just met a girl and got her number at a party on Saturday night. You could send her a text the next day and say something like this,

YOU: “Hey, I am going to relax in your spa later…I guess you can come too.”

She mentioned to you at the party that there is a nice spa at the complex where she lives and she invited you to come over soon. You have given her an opening she can relate to and respond back.

HER: “Oh bummer I can’t today. I have to work. Another time?”

She’s not available to see you on Sunday. No problem. Tease her by saying:

YOU: “I thought you had a trust account we could both live on. Looks like I’ll be enjoying the spa without you.”

HER: “Ha, ha. You’ll miss a good back massage.”

Each of these example opening lines were short, fun and flirty. They made an emotional connection with the girl and gave her something she could respond to in a fun and flirty way back.

Remember, the purpose of you texting that cutie you met is to build attraction with flirty messages so she is anxious to see you again on your terms. Stay cool and in control, yet be playful and that will attract her to you like a magnet.

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