Q: How do I turn on a girl through text messages?

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Question: How do I turn on a girl through text messages?

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Answer: You turn a girl on through text messages by being playful, flirty, and a little unpredictable.

The text messages you send your buddies and friends are not the kind of messages you send a girl you are attracted to. This is one of the biggest mistakes guys make.

You must communicate with a girl on an emotional level and create feelings of excitement and anticipation when she talks to you.

So how do you that?

One really fun way is to tease her in a playful way.

Remember, really cute girls get hit on all the time by guys that are like puppy dogs begging for attention and approval. That’s a bore to hot women. So you need to be different and turn the tables on her a little bit.

This means that you need to know something about her to use to tease her and play off that. It could be what she wore when you met her like some really spiky shoes or a bright top or big purse.

It could be her infectious laugh or the way she wrinkles her nose or makes a face…you get the idea.

It could be something that happened that was funny or a little embarrassing to her when you met her.

Here’s an example of a flirty texting conversation to turn on a girl

Let’s say the girl had a big purse with her the night you met her. Girls love those big purses to throw all their stuff in. You teased her about that big purse of hers, so this is what you’re going to use when you text her in the next day or two.

You: “Hey, I was in the mall yesterday and saw something that got me thinking about you.”

It doesn’t matter if you really were in the mall or not. The idea is to set up the convo with making her a little curious and to pull her into the conversation. And girls love that you’re thinking about them, but you’re going to do this with a twist.

Her: “Oh yeah. What was that?”

You: “I passed by the magic shop and thought, Wow, that purse you had the other night could actually make a man disappear. Magic could be your perfect hidden talent.”

You busted her on her huge purse and gave her something to play off of with the hidden talent comment. Let’s she if she bites.

Her: “Ha, ha. I love that purse. I don’t do magic tricks but I have other hidden talents :)

Perfect. You teased her and got her laughing. This is a turn on. Even better, she’s playing back. So keep up the flirty banter.

You: “Other hidden talents, huh? Should I be impressed or a little scared?”

Her: “That’s for me to know and you to find out :)

You: “Are you asking me out? That’s kind of forward.”

You just switched things up on her, implying that she is pursuing you. Women love this flirty banter and it’s a turn on.

Her: “Ha, ha. Brat :)

You: “Tell you what. I’ll let you audition one of your talents at a cozy Mexican restaurant I like to go to on Fridays. You can even buy me a drink to bribe me for a good review :)

You never invite – you suggest where she can join you. You also imply that she needs to work for your approval. You’re leading, not following. And this is a really big turn on for women.

HER: “Ha, ha. Sounds fun.”

You: “Cool, I’ll call you later and let you know when and where :)

HER: “Can’t wait.”

See how easy, natural and flirty that exchange was? Women love it…they get turned on…you easily set up a date with a really sexy girl.

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