How You Can Get Damn Good at Texting Hot Girls

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I learned how to trigger uncontrollable attraction with hot girls and drew them to me like bees to honey – just by changing my communication style when texting them.

You, too, can easily turn your text messages into a chick magnet with a “Proven Texting Formula” – that works like magic – I’m going to reveal to you.

Learn everything you need to know about texting a girl to flirt, trigger uncontrollable attraction, and get her begging to be with you on a date ON YOUR TERMS.

I want to let all you guys in on a little secret of mine. I’m not a dating or relationship expert by any means.

I’m just a regular guy who figured out how to attract very cute girls and even stunning model-types by finally understanding what girls like to read and hear from men. I used to be a failure at connecting with girls using text messaging, but not anymore since I got my hands on a little-known resource for guys only.

You can check it out now or keep reading about how it totally got me dating a whole lot more hot girls.

The Truth

The truth is the style of texting most guys use is a big turn off to hot girls.

Remember, really cute girls get hit on all the time by guys that are like puppy dogs begging for attention and approval. That’s a bore to hot women.

Why would an attractive girl, whose has her pick of guys, ever respond to lame messages? They don’t.

You need to use the “Magic Texting Formula” that triggers attraction in girls. Here’s the formula in plain language:

  • Your texts need to be short. Most guys try to have a “conversation” using text.
  • Your texts need to be flirty and playful. You need to flirt with a girl by teasing her or busting on her.
  • Women have to feel attracted to you. Your texts need to communicate with her on her level. Men are logical. Women are emotional.
  • Women love a challenge. Give her mixed signals; be unpredictable. Most guys come off as being too nice. Nice is BORING.

You’ll be blown away by the change in a girl’s response to you, just like I was:

Once you start changing your communication style when texting girls, you’ll go from just having a bunch of phone numbers of hot girls to dating them when and wherever you suggest. And they will be eager to be with you on your terms.

My big problem had been bridging that initial contact with a girl I was interested in and the next contact, which is usually sending her a text message. I know I needed to figure this out because girls are so into texting now and it’s a more low key way to start “talking to a girl” to create a connection and hopefully set up a date.

Like a lot of guys, I was making the typical huge mistakes when texting a girl and turning her off

You’ve probably made these texting mistakes, too

  • Do you text girls you are interested in like your friends?
  • Do you come across as a nice guy in your texts?
  • Do you give a girl a lot of compliments in your texts?
  • Do you come across as predictable?
  • Do you ask a girl out on a date in your texts?

These mistakes are the KISS OF DEATH to getting anywhere with a hot girl

I finally smartened up and discovered the “Magic Texting Formula”, thanks to a good friend of mine

Fortunately, I was having a beer with my friend, Greg, after work one night and I opened up to him about my failure to connect with girls when texting them. Greg put his hand on my shoulder and said, “There, there. You’ve come to the right place.” I held my breath waiting for what my friend was going to say next.

Greg confided that he had been striking out, too, until he came across a guide especially for men on how to text girls. It showed him what he was doing wrong and how to use a style of texting girls that would communicate on their level, build attraction and sexual tension, and get girls eager to date him when and wherever he suggested.

Here’s a few texting tips he shared with me

My friend is a good guy, so I didn’t have to twist his arm to give me some tidbits from the texting guide for guys he was using. He told me a few key pointers.

First of all, he gave me a few reasons why men fail at texting girls that I was doing.

For instance, I was saying too much in my texts and coming across as too nice.

I was also letting the girl control the flow of conversation and answering all of her questions.

In short, I was being predictable and boring. A big turn off.

My friend learned that women really started responding to his text messages when they were short, playful, and fun that got the girl in an emotional state. This was communicating on her level.

He also started being a challenge to the girl and never invited her or asked her out. Instead, he told a girl what he was doing on Thursday after work or Friday night and suggested that she come, too.

“Wow,” I said to my friend, “and that really works?” “Like a charm,” Greg said, “and I can’t believe how easy it is now to date so many hot girls by making some small but powerful changes in the way I text a woman, but I love it!”

I stopped staring at my cell phone and started dating beautiful girls as a result of changing my texting style

So I got my own personal access to the Text Girl Magnets System and started reading all the materials and listening to the how-to interviews. I devoured the information in chunks and let my mind marinate on all the strategies revealed.

Boy, what an eye opener.

I’m a pretty smart guy, but, you know, it’s not about academic intelligence, it’s about social intelligence; knowing the right communication style with girls that has led to my current success.

So, I put the texting tips to the test right after a party I went to over the weekend. In fact, I didn’t hesitate to text this really cute girl I met the following day.

I was flirty, playful and in control of the conversation. I gave her mixed signals to challenge her and told her I would give her a call the next day to let her know my schedule to meet for coffee after work. She texted me back, “Can’t wait. Talk to U soon.”

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Guys, start turning your text messages into chick magnets and start dating more hot girls this weekend

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Kenny Jackson