She stopped texting you. Now what?

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Were you not following my instructions? Now she stopped texting you back.

You may have made a fatal mistake that a lot of guys make, which is to act needy and clingy by texting her too often.

You turned her off by being clingy and probably came off sounding predictable and boring.

You may have just done too much damage to get that cute girl back and turned her off for good. However, I will give you one strategy to try and see if she responds.

Here’s what to do to try and reconnect:

Wait a few weeks before sending her another text.

In the meantime, I suggest you go out and meet other girls and do some fun things with them to get your confidence back.

Then after a few weeks, text her something short and playful that sends her mixed signals so she’s not sure where she stands with you.

Here’s a texting convo example to help you out:

You: “Hey, I need a girl’s opinion about something. I’m going to see my friend’s band play Friday. Which shirt do you think the girls will like better on me?”

Then send her two or three pixs of you modeling some cool shirts.

This type of message does a few things.

#1: It gently pulls her into the conversation by giving her something specific to respond to without putting her on the spot about why she hasn’t texted you. Everyone loves to give their opinion.

#2: It implies you have been busy doing fun things without her.

#3: It implies you are interested in meeting other cute girls when you go out.

#4: It sends her mixed signals because you are not going to invite her to go with you to listen to the band.

If she responds with just an opinion about your shirt and doesn’t ask anything about where the band is playing, it’s a start.

Her: “I like the 2nd one better”

You: “I like that one better, too. It’s so soft to the touch. The salesgirl couldn’t keep her hands off me when I tried it on :)

You acknowledged her opinion and then playfully implied another girl was flirting with you.

That’s the end of the convo. Don’t send her another message until she sends you one like hinting about coming to listen to the band.

If she doesn’t text you during the week to come along, then you can text her something short and playful a few days after the Friday gig to give her some more mixed signals.


Your goal is to indirectly remind her how much fun you are to be around and that she is missing out big time.

If she doesn’t respond to the “opinion” text, just drop her and move on. There are way too many cute girls to meet and date without having to pine over one particular girl. Trust me on this.

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