QUESTION #3: What flirty text messages can I send a cute girl I met at a party?

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Your text should play off of something connected to your meeting her at the party. It should include something memorable and funny that happened that you busted her on or teased her about.

So let’s say you met a really attractive girl at a party on Friday and you were able to get her cell phone number.

You had a fun time teasing her and doing something fun together like dancing, karaoke singing, playing a party game, drinking cheap beer or she dropped a chicken wing from her plate on the floor.

So about the early afternoon the next day or in a couple of days, whichever time frame you feel comfortable to contact the hottie you met, you’re going to text her to build on the attraction you created with her at the party.

Let’s say it was Karaoke night at the party.

Remember, you’re going to use something memorable and funny that happened when you met her.

You: “Hey, thanks for that inventive rendition of (whatever song title she sang, suggesting she did a bad job of singing it) What other talents should I be leery of?”

This is a push pull technique where you tease her and give her a question to respond to.

FYI: Remember to add your name to the end of your text so she doesn’t have to guess who’s texting her.

Her: “Ha ha. Well, at least I gave it shot. Can’t say the same for you.”

She’s laughing and that’s a good sign. She replies a few minutes after your text so you know she is able to talk right now.

You: “I’m not saying you weren’t any good. I would just keep your day job.”

This is a fun way to challenge her or qualify her and women love this.

Her: “Ha ha. It’s fun. My girlfriends and I go out for Karaoke once in awhile. What hidden talents do have?

You: “You’ll just have to wait and find out for yourself.”

She asked you a question, now. Great. She is interested. Also, you don’t have to answer her question.

In fact, by not answering her question you get her more curious and interested in you.

Her: “Are you asking me out on a date?”

You see women read into things and what you said is indirectly telling her that you want to see her.

Women always give indirect signals like what you just said. Speaking their language creates connection and attraction.

You: “No, but it seems like you’re fishing around to see if I’m interested.”

Saying “No” to attractive women is powerful because they rarely get told no by all the wussy guys chasing them and this really turns on the attraction meter.

Her: “Ha ha. Yeah sometimes I can be forward.”

You: “Cool, I’ll call you later and let you know when you can take me out :)

This is your first smiley because you usually want her to be wondering if you are joking or not.

I recommend you send this last message after a few minutes – even 10 minutes or so later after her text. You were texting back and forth and then you paused to let the tension build – especially after what she said.

By texting this way, you’re keeping control of the interaction.

Now you’ve set the right tone that you are the leader and she is the follower (attractive women want a leader; a strong confident man) when you give her a call later.

Now you could let her take you out, but I suggest when you send a text like that, it’s only a test to see if she can have fun and go with it. This totally keeps her on her toes and she loves it.

Her: “Ha, ha. Can’t wait!”

See how easy that was? It was short and flirty. You gave her mixed signals, you stayed in control, and it set the tone to create deeper attraction and get her thinking about you after your texting convo.

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