QUESTION #2: What are some opening lines to text a girl?

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Keep in mind your goal when texting a girl is to create deeper attraction, make an emotional connection and get her thinking about you more. The more she thinks about you the more she will want to be with you.

Here’s four opening lines to help you do just that.

Opening line #1:
You: “Hey, I got to thinking about you today.”

Her: “Yeah. Why is that?”

You: “I saw this adorable little puppy and it crinkled it’s nose just like you do.”

This opening line works great with girls because most girls, at least the fun ones, will be intrigued about your text message.

She is going to feel excited that you were thinking about her. You can bet that she’s going to want to know what it was that reminded you of her.

Opening line #2:
Let’s say you met a hot girl at a party over the weekend and you got her number. You teased her and busted on her about something she did or wore that night.

You are going to use this information to start your texting conversation. You decide to text her the next day.

YOU: “Hey I’m trying to find a redhead girl who likes to toss her chicken wings around the buffet table. You know her?”

You flirt with her by teasing her about something a little embarrassing she did at the party like spill her plate and then give her a question to respond to.

HER: “Ha, ha. Thanks for reminder.”

She’s laughing. You helped her pick up the food she spilled and clean the table.

YOU: “Are you a Lucille Ball impersonator on the weekends to pull off stunts like that?”

This is a fun way to challenge her or qualify her and women love this.

Opening line #3:
YOU: “Hey, staying out of trouble today?”

HER: “Trouble is my middle name. Didn’t I tell you?”

This girl knows how to flirt back and be playful. She could be a keeper.

YOU: “I thought I saw your face on America’s Most Wanted. Are you hard to handle?”

Keep playing and give her something flirty to respond to.

Opening line #4:
Let’s say you were shopping the other day for a pair of shoes and the clerk that came to help you was a real knockout. You got her number so you could send her a text the next day and say something like this,

You: “Hey, I hope your shoe store carries insurance for injured customers.”

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