QUESTION #1: What should I text a girl after getting her number?

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Remember to keep the message short, fun and flirty. Text her about something that communicates on her emotional level.

Your first text after getting a hot girl’s number should create a connection with her. So you can start the text convo by playing off of something when you first met her. It could be something she did or said.

If you just met a girl and got her number at a party on Saturday night, you could send her a text the next day and say something like this,

YOU: “Hey I’m going to relax in your spa later. I guess you can come too.”

She mentioned to you at the party that there is a nice spa at the complex where she lives and she invited you to come over soon. You have given her an opening she can relate to and respond back.

HER: “Oh bummer I can’t today. I have to work. Another time?”

She’s not available to see you on Sunday. No problem. Tease her by saying:

YOU: “I thought you had a trust account we could both live on. Looks like I’ll be enjoying the spa without you.”

HER: “Ha, ha. You’ll miss a good back massage.”

She’s playing back. This is a good sign she is interested. Flirt back with:

YOU: “Those delicate hands didn’t look that strong for a good massage. I’ll have to inspect them more closely next time.”

HER: “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

You can accept her invite or play a little hard to get (which is better) and suggest she meet you where you hang out by saying:

YOU: “Can’t tomorrow. Tues I usually stop at Bailey’s coffee house around 5:30 after work. You can join me there and I can check out those supposedly strong hands of yours.”

HER: “Ha, ha, sounds great. See you then.”

Let’s really raise the stakes and say you met a stunningly beautiful girl at a bar on Saturday.

This girl knows she’s hot. Guys are falling all over her. She was closer to your buddy at the bar and she turned to him and asked, “All these guys are staring at me. Do you think I’m cute?” Your buddy didn’t know what hit him and he babbled something incoherent.

Instead you played it different and had a fun time teasing her when you answered her question by saying, “Actually they’re looking at that big pimple on your forehead.”

She turned toward you; laughed and hit you in the arm. Well, you easily got her number that night.

Now, you’re going to play off that funny exchange when you send your first text in a day or two.

You: “Hey, I hope your skin doctor was able to remove that growth on your forehead after you left the bar.”

You continue to tease her about the “pimple” she had on her forehead and pull her into the conversation in a playful way.

Her: “Ha ha. I was able to tame that beast with my own home concoctions. I thought that growth might have scared you off :)

She knows you’re teasing and banters back. That’s a good sign.

You: “I’m not saying it wasn’t scary looking but I’ve also looked down the mouth of an active volcano before and stood my ground.”

This is a fun way to challenge her or qualify her and women love this.

Her: “Ha, ha. So you think you’re Indiana Jones? :)

You: “Do you have a whip fetish?”

Her: “That’s for me to know and you to find out :)

You: “Are you asking me out on a date? You’re kinda forward.”

You just switched things up on her, implying that she is pursuing you. Women love this flirty banter and it triggers attraction.

Her: “Ha, ha. Brat :)

You: “Tell you what. If your forehead looks presentable, I’ll let you buy me a drink at a sports bar I usually stop at on Tuesdays.”

HER: “Sounds fun. Can’t wait.”

Let’s say you met a real cutie at a coffee shop at lunch time and got her number. You teased her about taking forever to make up her mind about what she wanted to order while you patiently waited in line behind her.

Remember, you’re going to be playful and teasing.

YOU: “Hey, did you leave the cashier a big tip in the jar for taking an hour to pick your mocha, mocha, frappa, frappe, whatever coffee today?”

HER: “Ha, ha. I was just in the mood for something different and they have a lot of good choices. Bet you got a plain old cup of joe.”

YOU: “Oh, you do mind reading for a living?”

You playfully challenge her.

HER: “You looked kinda straight laced :) Am I right?”

She’s playful, too. That’s a very good sign.

YOU: “Only when I’m on the clock. After work I like to put on my plaid pants and loud Hawaiian shirts.”

HER: “Oh I’d like to see that sight :)

YOU: “Are you asking me out on a date? You’re kinda forward.”

HER: “Ha, ha, brat :)

YOU: “Tell you what. I have plans to get a bite at this sushi place tonight. I’ll let you buy me dinner if you promise to order my fav dish in less than 1 minute.”

HER: “Ha, ha. Sounds fun.”

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