Time to call her using my 5-point gameplan

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You should now be enjoying success with your text messages in creating more attraction, getting her to think about you more and being eager to meet up with you.

Now it’s time to pick up the phone to arrange a meet up. You really should call her to set up your first meeting.

Here’s my 5-point gameplan to have a great phone conversation:

#1: Get her laughing
You know I’ve told you before how important humor is to attracting women.

So during your phone conversation, joke around, be playful, tease her and flirt. What about?

Here’s a couple of ideas…
Talk about something funny or a little embarrassing she texted you and joke about that.
Ask questions that put her on the spot in a playful way.

#2: Speak like James Bond
Yeah, he’s a great example because he speaks slowly and clearly.

Talking too fast is a sign you are nervous and lack confidence.

#3: Keep the conversation short, say 5 to 10 minutes
Conversations that are short build attraction. You’re just basically seeing what’s going on and if there’s a possibility of meeting up.

When 5 or 10 minutes rolls around just say, “I got to get going. Let’s continue this later.”

If she asks where you’re going, just banter back, “I got some strippers coming over.”

#4: Have a plan
NEVER say “What do you want to do?” You are the leader. She is the follower. Take her by the hand and make something happen.

DON’T SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON HER with a big romantic evening and gifts!

Ask her to join you on something you were planning to do anyway.

# Go shopping for a trip you’re going on; shopping for a few groceries
# Get a cup of coffee or an ice cream
# Get a bite to eat at where you usually like to have a meal
# Go take a walk on the beach
# Go take a bike ride
# Go to the farmer’s market
# Go to an art gallery or bookstore
# Go to a special event in town

The idea is to have something in mind that gives you a chance to interact with her (which going to see a movie in the dark does not let you do). Get her laughing and see what she’s about.

Keep the meet up brief, a half an hour, an hour, maybe 2 to 3 hours.

Remember, oftentimes, less is more. If you click and you used your time wisely to create greater attraction, she will want to see you again.

#5: End the call FIRST
Always end the conversation before she does and before you run out of things to talk about and there’s an uncomfortable pause. Just give her little, fun and flirty doses of yourself one conversation at a time.

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