Best phrases that send her mixed signals

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To build attraction and create sexual tension in your text messages, you need to give a girl mixed signals.

You’ll create better responses if you use things that a girl rarely hears, if ever, like calling her a brat.

Here’s a mash-up of texting phrases to use to keep her guessing:

Accuse her of being shallow:
YOU: You just want me for my hot body
YOU: You just like me cause I’m ridiculously good lookin’
YOU: Why do girls always use me for my looks

Be surprised to see that she actually has good qualities:
YOU: Wow, you’re actually fun
YOU: Huh, you’re smart too
YOU: I never knew you had feelings

When she’s trying to seduce you:
YOU: Nice try
YOU: I know you can do better than that

To get her thinking about you:
YOU: Stop thinking about me so much
YOU: Miss me yet?

Make her think she’s not good enough for you:
YOU: You don’t like (fill-in-the-blank like Rocky Road ice cream), I don’t think this is going to work out
YOU: You’re just not my type
YOU: I don’t think you can handle me
YOU: You’re just not good enough for me
YOU: You’re just not what I had in mind
YOU: Are you always this difficult?
YOU: Why can’t you be a good little girl?
YOU: This is not helping your chances with me
YOU: You’re such a dork
YOU: What a big brat
YOU: I’m sooo out of your league

You know she wants you:
YOU: It’s ok, I know you want me
YOU: We’re just friends, even though you want it
YOU: Whatever, you so want me right now
YOU: OK, you’re right. Let’s make out now
YOU: Well, I guess if you really want to come over
YOU: Yeah, I think my friends like you

Remember, in all of your text messages, you should challenge her, flirt, role play, have fun, twist words, crack jokes, put her on the spot, approve, disapprove, qualify her, be important, be a mystery, tease and most importantly CREATE SOME KIND OF FEELING she is going to have when she reads your texts.

Keep her guessing and having doubt with the possibility for excitement.

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