The #1 emotion your texts must create

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In order for a girl to become more attracted to you, you need to make her feel something.

If you do this right, that hottie will be eager to spend more time with you ASAP.

Any emotion a girl feels when dealing with you is always to your advantage. Try to keep those feelings more positive than negative.

The #1 emotion girls want to feel from you is HUMOR.

Women rate humor as the number one thing they look for in a man. Laughter is the best way to share time and create connections with others.

People generally laugh for two reasons:
#1: Because something is done out of the ordinary and
#2: Because of nervousness

You don’t want to be too funny, then you’ll end up being her entertaining little money. And if your humor is too cocky, she’ll think your a prick.

The best type of humor that attracts women is ‘cocky funny’ humor.

Here’s the difference between cocky and cocky-funny:
Saying “I’m the hottest guy here” is cocky-arrogant.
Saying “I’m probably the best looking guy you’ve ever seen so you might want to take a picture” is cocky, but in a funny way.

That’s why in all of your texts you need convey ‘cocky funny’ humor when you:
# Challenge her
# Flirt
# Have fun
# Twist words
# Crack jokes
# Put her on the spot
# Qualify her
# Be unpredictable
# Tease her

Stick with this winning playbook and quickly reap the rewards of having a hot girl can’t get enough of you – if you know what I mean.

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