Must you answer her every question?

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Guys make one of the worst mistakes interacting with girls by thinking they must answer every question.

That’s what needy, wussies guys do. Don’t do it.

Rather than thinking in terms of trying to please her and being “honest” with everything, instead think in terms of confidently handling situations, being unpredictable, a bit mysterious, and moving the conversation in your desired direction.

For the most part, girls are responders and men are initiators.

Girls might text you; send you a mixed signal — but she will change based on the confidence that comes out of you.

Your job is to not be affected by her and keep doing your thing.

So if you don’t want to answer a question she texted you – DON’T.

For example, if a hottie asks you, “Do you like me?” say “Well I’m still getting to know you” or Yes, as a friend” or
“Yeah, your’re nice.”

This gives her mixed signals and keeps her guessing about her standing with you.

Or let’s use another example and say a girl asks you what you did last night and you were on a date with another girl.

You can do one of two things:

#1: Ignore the question and talk about something else.
#2: Banter with her and say something like “I was talking to all the dancers at the strip club to see if you were
any good for me.”

If she presses you for a real answer, keep bantering back “Yeah and later we all had a huge orgy, you missed out”

Buddy, don’t give in. And you know what? She really doesn’t want to know.

She’s just acting on curious impulses and testing to see if you will break.

DON’T BREAK. Breaking is for wussies.

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