5 tips to creating ‘High Response’ text messages

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Texting Tip #1: Communicate on her level

You need to communicate on her emotional level and create a feeling that stimulates a girl’s feelings of excitement and anticipation when you talk to her.

Texting Tip #2: Your texts must be short

Most men text the full 160 characters while a girl texts less than 20 characters. Your goal is not to have a texting conversation. Your goal is to build attraction and get her thinking about you.

Texting Tip #3: Your texts must be fun and playful

Don’t come across as sounding too nice. Nice is the ‘kiss of death.’ It’s the description girls use when they are not attracted to you. “Your nice but…(boring)” Got that?
Too nice = B-O-R-I-N-G

Texting Tip #4: Give her mixed signals by teasing her

Be a challenge. Don’t let her think she’s got you wrapped around her finger. If you pay her a compliment, do a take-away.

For example you text, “You’re fun – except when you can’t (something she’s not good at or feels self conscious about) dance worth a lick.”

Think about what she wore or did that was a little embarrassing that you busted her on when you met her and use that in your text message.

Texting Tip #5: Your texts must involve her and give her a chance to be playful back

For example if a girl texts you, “Hey, what did you do last night?” and you text her back, “Went to the movies,” it leaves her with nothing – no emotion, no fun, just dullness.

Instead text, “Hey, I saw a movie and it got me thinking about you.”

Now you’ve given her something to respond to. She may text you back, “Really, what’s that?”

Then say something like, “There was this really cute puppy that wrinkled its nose just like you.”

So let’s put all this ‘insider’ knowledge most guys don’t have a clue about into text message examples as I answer the Top 5 questions my buddies are always asking me.

Question #1: What should I text a girl after getting her number?

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