About Me

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Kenny here,

And thanks for checking out my blog dedicated to men having greater success with girls by triggering uncontrollable attraction just by changing your communication style when texting them.

With this knowledge, girls are now eager and excited to date me when and wherever I suggest!

So… Why’d I create whattotextagirl.net?

Well… there really wasn’t much information out there about techniques that work for guys to text girls using the right communication style (and there should be because their are a lot of guys out there like me wanting to use text messaging to attract girls because it's an incredibly powerful tool!) and also, to hopefully pass some of my new found ‘texing’ wisdom onto you guys.

And… Who am I?

My name’s Kenny Jackson. I’m just a regular guy who figured out how to attract very cute girls and even stunning model-types by finally understanding what women like to read and hear from men. I used to be a failure at connecting with women using text messaging, but not anymore.

My buddies kept asking me for advice on how to text hot girls because they know I am very good at it. I finally decided to write a short report with loads of text message examples for my buddies because I got tired repeating myself.

join kenny jackson on facebook

You can get your hands on the same information right now at my Facebook Page. Join me for fun.

Kenny Jackson