3 Tips To Get a Hot Girl to Notice You

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dating girlsBeing a guy can be tough because it’s not always easy to get a girl to notice you. Unfortunately, in our society it’s not up to the woman to make the first move so it will largely rest on your shoulders to get her attention. The good news is it’s not very hard to get a girl to notice you and here are three different ways that should help you catch her eye in no time.

*Know What You’ll Say in the First Five Minutes* If you want to get a girl to notice you then you will have to know what you’re going to say when you walk up there. Just saying “hi my name is John” isn’t going to cut it. Find a reason to go over there and talk to her and make an icebreaker out of it. Even if it’s as simple as saying “sorry, I couldn’t help but notice you and thought you were cute. Do you mind if I chat for a bit” is fine, but know what you’re going to say before you go.

*Show Strong Body Language* Since you can’t actually talk to her, you’ll just have to show your intentions with your body. I don’t mean jump around and flap your arms, but make yourself look like you’re waiting for somebody to approach you. A lot of women will walk up to you just because they’re curious. If you are at a bar, it’s best to just stand by the bartender like you’re waiting for a drink. Girls will have no choice but to stand next to you in order to get a beer.

*Have Lots of Female Friends* Many people don’t know how competitive women can be. If you have a lot of female friends around you then women will wonder why you have so many women friends and probably will walk up to you. Also they see this as a sign that you are not threatening since you are relaxed around women. This creates curiosity about you.

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